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At Belvedere Junior School we ensure that every child has the opportunity to understand how their brains can affect the decisions they make, their place in society and develop learning skills through a clear and concise PSHCE curriculum.  
We teach mindfulness (Mind Up), which can promote positive learning behaviours and good decision making through explicit lessons about different parts of the brain. Through Relationships Education (RSE), we ensure children have a clear understanding of how to recognise positive friendships and relationships, both at school and at home. This helps enable them to become confident individuals who ensure they make positive decisions in Primary School and beyond. The ‘Great to be Me’ programme and ‘Educate & Celebrate’ both promote inclusion and diversity, something that as a school we are extremely proud of. Both focus on ensuring every student in our school is a resilient, adaptable learner who celebrates and promotes their differences.
The pupils at Belvedere Junior School have the ability to make a positive impact on their school, their community and the wider world through P4C and ‘Votes for Schools’ sessions where we give our students the time to use their voice in a positive, proactive way. 

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